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Feb 3-10, 2018

Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, Cozumel m/s Celebrity Summit
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Over the years, excited guests on our cruise programs have asked if there were any benefits to be earned by them if they were to promote the cruise to their friends, family, co-workers or others. They are not seeking the rigors of a Group Travel Plan, but, instead, are acting as Pied Pipers for the particular cruise.

Out of that request emerged the Group Leader Program. As a Group Leader, you have the opportunity to earn credits or cash against the price of your cabin by building the number of booked passengers in your group. The details of the program are available here for your review and your files. As you can see, once you have added a guest to your group, that guest is “yours” for as long as you are an active participant in the program.

Getting started in the program is very easy. First, you need to complete the online Group Leader Program Registration. This will entail filling out your basic contact details and creating a Username and Password unique to you. At this time you will also be able to choose which cruise(s) you wish to promote.

Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions listed on the registration page, you will be directed to your group maintenance page. Here, you will be able to provide us with the details of your group members. You will be able to add members to your group, remove members from your group and update details pertaining to your group members. Once you have completed updating your list, we will contact you directly to discuss your reservation (if you have not already booked a cabin) and how you intend to promote the cruise(s) to your group. To the extent possible, we will assist you in your presentations and mailings.

Next, you need to complete the booking of your cabin on the cruise. As long as you have a current reservation on one of our cruises, you can promote our other cruises to your membership.

Once you have contacted your potential guests, please advise them to call us (toll free) at the ECP Guest Center at 888.852.9987, so we will process their reservations. To ensure proper allocation of each guest, ask them to identify themselves as being a member of your group when they call in, but, even if they don’t do that, as long as they are on your list, you will be given credit.