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Beverage Packages

 Below is a presentation of your choice of drink packages.  Choose wisely, but we urge you to choose now as the price for making this selection before August 24, 2018 will be the lowest offered and you can add the cost to your monthly payment.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, between now and the cruise, you can pay in full the Premium Drink Package, giving you an all-inclusive package of cabin and drinks that will cover the full 7 days of the cruise!

To add one of the Beverage Packages below, you may select it during the reservation process.
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If you have an active reservation, please call the office or email us at to finalize your selection.

Standard Price
Your Special Price
Package prices are per person.

All prices in USD are subject to change without notice. Your price includes an 18% service charge that is included to Soda, Wine, Water, Classic, and Premium Package prices. Packages are sold on a per cruise basis, are not sold on a per day or any other basis, and no refunds will be issued for unused amounts. Packages may not be shared, and do not include beverages sold in gift shops, mini-bar, or room service. Cancellations or refunds will not be issued on board the vessel. Spirit selection is subject to change without notice. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any alcoholic package and to consume alcohol. See the terms of our guest alcohol policy. Other terms and conditions apply.