Fall arrives on Monday whether you believe it or not.
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Our Take: Fall Is Here! Really?
Monday is the first day of Fall 2019. Soon, most of us will be raking leaves, wearing sweaters, carving pumpkins and drinking hot cider drinks. Or not.

Before writing this note, I checked the National Weather Bureau's forecast for next week. With the exception of Idaho, the entire nation was showing significantly higher temperatures than "normal" for this time of the year. That, of course, presumes that the concept of "normal" still exists. More likely, "normal" is now the average of wildly disparate numbers. Still, the onset of Fall has arrived with heat, not a cool down.

As for the outlier, I have mixed feelings for Idaho, and South Dakota for that matter. You might think that I suffered some sort of traumatic event in those states or with residents thereof. No, my ambivalence is much simpler and far less noble. In the 20-year history of Entertainment Cruise Productions, Idaho and South Dakota are, by far, the two states that have produced the fewest guests on our cruises. There's no doubt that what those states lack in the number of guests, they make it up in quality, but it still puzzles me.

The odd fact about this is that there is a Boise Jazz Society and it is very active. Here is a list of folks scheduled to appear in the upcoming months in Boise: Sullivan Fortner, Luciana Souza with Romero Lubambo, Peter Erskine, Allison Miller and James Morrison. Just when I was about to write my apology to Boise, I saw that on November 3-4, they are featuring the Emmet Cohen Trio with Houston Persons. The "s" at the end of Houston's last name negates all the good I saw with the other named musicians. It is a dead give away that the Boise jazz folks are posers! You know I am kidding, right?

Just the same, mistakes like these can be "tells." Our office knows that if someone calls us claiming to be a close friend of "Mike," the caller does not know me or certainly not well. "Michael" has been my name for as long as I can remember and certainly in my business life. Nothing is worse than being busted when pretending to know something, someone or some place that you do not know.

Every scene has its fair share of posers, and jazz is no exception. Responding to the information that I am in the jazz business, many people blurt out that they love jazz! I will reply that jazz covers a lot of ground, so the only way to dial that person in is to ask which jazz performers they prefer. More often than not, their response is "I really don't remember the names. I just like the music." That's similar to being in a restaurant and telling the waiter that you cannot remember what food you like, but you are really hungry and love to eat.

I know I am being picky here, but aren't you tired of folks who try to be someone they are not? Who cares if you like jazz or not? Okay, that was a stupid question, but why can't we just be who we are and go with that. It is so much simpler. As I approach the later years of life, any story that requires a nimble memory is above my operating level. I told my daughter the other day that I cannot lie anymore. To do so, you have to remember both the truth and what alteration you wish to offer. Again, my mind is no longer that facile.

In fact, I am so confused, I thought that Fall would be the start of cool weather and wearing long pants. Right now, I am attending a wedding in Michigan, walking around in shorts and wondering why more people from Idaho don't want to sail on our cruises. It must have something to do with Missing Persons.

Our Take is written by Michael Lazaroff, Executive Director – Jazz of Entertainment Cruise Productions. Feel free to express your views or pose questions to him at michael@ecpcruises.com.
Check Out the Blue Note at Sea Tent
at the Monterey Jazz Festival

We're on our way to Monterey to once again host the Blue Note at Sea Tent with our friends from Blue Note Records. From September 27-29, the tent will feature can't-miss interviews, conversations and special performances by Monterey Jazz Festival artists. Among the scheduled sessions in the Tent are:
  • A Piano Conversation with Kenny Barron, Gerald Clayton and James Francies
  • Remembering Mary Lou Williams with Jean Baylor, Allison Miller, Carmen Staaf and Shamie Royston
  • Double Vision Revisited – A Conversation with David Sanborn, Bob James and Marcus Miller
  • A Conversation with Chris Botti and Don Was
  • And many more ... click here for the complete schedule!

Blue Note at Sea will also be offering some cool swag. Come by for the sessions, come by for the swag or just come by to say hello. The Blue Note at Sea Tent will be located on the midway, in between the Pacific Jazz Café and the merchandise building.
Jazz Cruises 2020 & 2021:
Time for a Quick Update

2020 Sailings
2021 Sailings
  • The Smooth Jazz Cruise '21.1 & '21.2The reservation process for both sailings is underway, starting with guests with reservations for 2020 and those who made Pre-Sale Reservations for '21. Open Booking begins on October 15, 2019.
  • The Jazz Cruise '21 – Since The Jazz Cruise '20 is fully subscribed, we are expediting the timetable for announcing The Jazz Cruise '21. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Blue Note at Sea '21 – The 5th sailing of this program is being put together right now. An early November '19 launch of Blue Note at Sea '21 is anticipated.
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Podcast 22: The Women's Hour with Candy Dulfer
Podcast 22:
The Women's Hour with Candy Dulfer

In this week's installment of Jazz Cruise Conversations, the podcast series from Entertainment Cruise Productions, we present to you The Women's Hour with Candy Dulfer, recorded on The Smooth Jazz Cruise earlier this year.

Candy moderated this conversation with Lalah Hathaway, Lindsey Webster, Nadira Kimberly Scruggs and Honey LaRochelle about a range of topics, including how they got into music and jazz, as well as about their advice for young women entering the music business. They also addressed the issue of women being stereotyped as vocalists rather than instrumentalists in the world of jazz. Plus, they talked about a topic rarely discussed at any other panel.

Every Jazz Cruise Conversations podcast is available on our website at: bluenoteatsea.com/podcast and thejazzcruise.com/podcast. You can also find Jazz Cruise Conversations on your preferred podcast platform, including iTunes and Spotify.