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You may complete a reservation for any available stateroom online at any time or by calling our office (toll free) during regular business hours (888.852.9987, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT).

New Guest Stateroom Pricing
If this is your first cruise with Entertainment Cruise Productions, your price for Available Staterooms on The Jazz Cruise ’22 is listed below.
Past Guest Stateroom Pricing
Past Guests qualify for lower prices. You can learn the price that applies to you by contacting the office at 888.852.9987 or via email.
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Stateroom TypePriceAvailability
Sky Suite (S1, S2) $5,250Fewer than 5 Remain
Front Room (FV) $4,750Fewer than 5 Remain
Concierge Class (C2) $3,925Fewer than 10 Remain
Concierge Class (C3) $3,900Fewer than 15 Remain
AquaClass (A1) $3,925Available
AquaClass (A2) $3,900Available
Veranda (2A) $3,525Fewer than 15 Remain
Veranda (2B) $3,500Available
Ocean View (4) $2,600Fewer than 5 Remain
Ocean View (5) $2,600Fewer than 15 Remain
Ocean View (6) $2,600Fewer than 15 Remain
Ocean View (8) $2,500Fewer than 10 Remain
Inside (9) $1,975Available
Inside (11) $1,975Fewer than 10 Remain
Inside (12) $1,975Fewer than 10 Remain


If the Stateroom you desire is not currently available, you may elect to “Join The Waitlist”. When a Stateroom of that type becomes available, you will be notified by e-mail and by telephone. Many guests who desire a Stateroom type that is not available, proceed to reserve one of the Available Staterooms. If the desired Stateroom becomes available, then the Reservation is transferred to that Stateroom without penalty or charge. One aspect of Waitlist priority is whether or not the guest has a current reservation.