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Cruise Update

Rescheduling The Jazz Cruise '21
& The Smooth Jazz Cruise '21.1, '21.2, All-Star Edition

We trust that you and your family are safe, well and navigating the current situation with strength and optimism. We think about you daily and we hope that the information we are sharing with you today reaffirms our respect and admiration for your health, your time, and your jazz vacation.

On May 8, we informed all guests that we were determining whether our 2021 sailings could be presented both safely and without having to compromise our programming. Anything less than that is not acceptable to us.

Though the final safety protocols for cruise ships sailing in early 2021 have not been issued, the final rules will likely include capacity limitations in terms of passengers and venue utilization. These restrictions, though vitally necessary for safety, will make it impossible for us to provide our guests with the cruise experience they have enjoyed for the last two decades.

For these reasons, we are rescheduling all of the 2021 sailings of
The Jazz Cruise and The Smooth Jazz Cruise to 2022.

Doing so is sad, but it is the right choice for everyone. We are acting now so you do not have to worry how the current environment will affect your cruise Reservation or weigh upon any decision you may wish to make. Disappointment is certain, but it is better to look forward to a safe and complete experience in 2022, than to endure the anxiety of an early 2021 sailing.


In 2022, The Jazz Cruise will start its 3rd decade of sailing and The Smooth Jazz Cruise will celebrate its 18th year and 27th, 28th and 29th sailings. Both programs are the gold standard of music cruises in their genres and the '22 Sailings will be amazing. As you can imagine, not all the details are completed, but here is what we know now:

  • Sailing Dates:
    • The Jazz Cruise '22 — January 13 – 21, 2022 (8 Days)
    • The Smooth Jazz Cruise '22: All-Star Edition — January 21 – 28, 2022
    • The Smooth Jazz Cruise '22.1 — January 28 – February 4, 2022
    • The Smooth Jazz Cruise '22.2 — February 4 – 11, 2022
  • Ship: No ship has been assigned at this time, but we have requested a Celebrity Cruises Millennium Class ship that has completed the "Revolution" upgrade.
  • Ft. Lauderdale Departure: We will depart from and return to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Great Itineraries: Again, though not confirmed, our goal is for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '22: All-Star Edition to sail to Costa Maya, Cozumel and Key West; The Smooth Jazz Cruise '22.1 & '22.2 to Aruba and Curacao; and The Jazz Cruise '22 to Curacao, Aruba and Key West.
  • Same Great Lineups: Every musician who was scheduled to appear on the '21 Sailings has been invited to sail in '22. No one has said "no."
  • You Keep Your Reservation: You will be able to retain your current Reservation, including your stateroom selection, special prices, status, privileges, and priorities for your sailing in 2022.
  • ...Or Choose A Different Sailing: Without any additional cost, you may move your Reservation to one of the other '22 Sailings. Of course, doing so is subject to availability.
  • Deferred Payments: Rescheduling the cruises to 2022 provides you additional time to complete your payments. Guests with current Reservations may elect monthly or quarterly payments and no payments of any kind will be due until October! At that time, your remaining payments will be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out over 13 months.
  • Limited Number of Staterooms Will Be Available: Since nearly 6,500 guests have Reservations already, only a limited number of staterooms will be available to the general public when Open Booking for the 2022 sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise and The Jazz Cruise starts on June 8, 2020.


Those reading this note fall into several categories and we will address each guest and their Reservation individually. In general terms, here are the next steps:

  • Guests with Reservations on a '21 Sailing: You will soon receive a revised Reservation for the '22 Sailing of your cruise. Your stateroom selection, price, special benefits, and other aspects of your Reservation will remain intact. If you have not completed your payments, we have restructured your payments as described above. No payments until October and then s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out over 13 months. You may also elect to move your Reservation to any of the other '22 Sailings at the same price and terms, subject only to availability.
  • Guests who have cancelled Reservations: Guests who have cancelled Reservations for '21 or who were to sail on The Smooth Jazz Cruise '20.2 will have the opportunity to reinstate their Reservations and s-t-r-e-t-c-h their payments over 16 months. Those details will be emailed to such guests in the next few days.
  • Guests without Reservations: If you do not have a Reservation for a '21 Sailing, you will be able to secure one of the limited number of staterooms when Open Booking starts on June 8, 2020. Here, too, you can have as much as 16 months to complete your payments.
  • Upgrades and moving from one cruise to another: Those who act soon may be able to upgrade their staterooms or move their Reservation to any of our '22 Sailings.


Being able to announce that Entertainment Cruise Productions will present a full slate of cruise programs in 2022 took some doing. We want to acknowledge the commitment of Celebrity Cruises who took the time to understand what our special guests and our special programs require. They would have preferred that we tried to sail in 2021, but they understood that our loyal guests deserve a cruise program free of restrictions and limitations.

During this time, we have maintained regular communication with all guests and fans of our cruise programs, providing detailed updates with full transparency. There are costs to us for waiting until 2022 to sail, retaining the 2021 price structure for booked guests and securing 2022 sailing dates nearly 8 months before our '21 scheduled sailing. But, we are guided solely by our commitment to your safety, enjoyment and, of course, doing the right thing. Your patience and support have been amazing during these unprecedented times and, though it will not be until early 2022, your reward will be there waiting for you, as hundreds of the world's greatest musicians greet you, perform for you and share their love of our music with you.

Michael Lazaroff
Executive Director
The Jazz Cruise
The Smooth Jazz Cruise